Incoming Inc. is a diversified brand acceleration firm. The company’s goal is to identify growth opportunities and innovative business models and invest their resources to transform successful companies into international brands. Incoming strongly believes that quality products and innovative ideas deserve a position in the marketplace. Consumers should not be deprived of solutions just because a company does not have sufficient marketing dollars or suffers from operational deficiencies.

The success of any individual company relies on more than just the integrity or quality of its products. Newer businesses often exhaust all of their resources just to get to market, while established companies often get stuck at mediocre levels of exposure. That’s where Incoming gets involved – with more effective marketing solutions. The company has created a formula consisting of digital marketing strategy, commercial advertising, relationship management, and image consulting that re-energizes brands and provides the polish needed to reach a global audience.

To put it simply, Incoming believes that chaos equals opportunity. Once the company identifies an opportunity in an inefficient market, they analyze the industry and examine the entire supply chain looking for ways to streamline processes and increase revenue. In cases where Incoming sees potential to grow the industry by introducing something new, they will seek out the companies that are already navigating troubled waters and target them for acquisition.

Incoming is led by their CEO – the highly successful Ephren W. Taylor. Mr. Taylor was the youngest African-American CEO of any public company in US history. Since his appointment as CEO of Incoming, the company has made several impactful acquisitions and is launching a number of ground-breaking business initiatives across several industries. Incoming has a diverse portfolio of strong brands including the National Association of Professional Minorities along with Pentrose, a full-service media agency specializing in the information marketing sector.

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