Kids running around outside is great. It gets them out of their parents' hair, and they get a much-needed dose of exercise.

But, that goes to pot if they recharge with juice boxes, cookies, chips and snack cakes!

That's why some nutritionists believe after-school programs are the best place to keep children active and teach them good nutrition.

However, some after-school programs fall short. The Healthy Opportunities for Physical Activity and Nutrition After-School Project, or HOP'N), found many programs don't provide enough exercise or adequate nutrition.

Researchers for HOP'N observed average after-school programs only provided 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, falling short of the 60 minutes recommended, with a lot of kids just sitting around.

HOP'N suggests after-school programs include a healthy snack, sufficient physical activity, weekly nutrition and exercise education and staff training. I agreed, these programs should be more than just babysitting.

Perhaps you've sent your kids to an after-school program, what's been your experience?