Millions Returning To US Job Market

The labor market has improved enough to bring back even the most marginalized job seekers, economists say ahead of Friday's government report.

Pro-EU Candidate Could Be London’s Next Mayor

If he wins Thursday's election, Sadiq Khan would become the first Muslim to lead Britain's capital.

A High-Tech View Of Ancient China

First-of-its-kind virtual reality technology will guide visitors through an exhibit on China’s Dunhuang Caves, opening Saturday at L.A.’s Getty Center.

Tesla Shares Drop On Cash Concerns

Investors reacted Thursday after the maker of electric cars upped the ante on how fast it will build vehicles — and how much it will spend doing so.
Exxon FuelCell

Exxon Wants To Clean Up Fossil Fuels

The U.S. oil and gas giant said Thursday it is backing a novel fuel-cell technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

A Tasty Big Mac With A Side Of Playlists

Soundtrack Your Brand, a Swedish data-driven startup that provides music for retail businesses, has secured a partnership with McDonald's.

Trump Has Both Parties Supremely Worried

Given The Donald's history of backpedaling and unpredictability, neither Democrats nor Republicans trust him when it comes to the nation's highest court.

The Worst Of Times In Russia

Many of the nation’s citizens spend more than half their income on food as they battle the effects of inflation and declining wages. Nearly 20 million live in poverty.


Myspace Saves Time (Inc.)

Sales are growing at Time Inc. again, and that’s no easy feat for a legacy print publisher.
House Los_Angeles

More Young Adults Are Living With Mom

Culture, along with the high cost of housing, factor into the growing American trend — most prominent in cities like Los Angeles and El Paso, Texas.

For Cruz, A Last-Minute Publicity Bonanza

Through April and March, the Republican garnered free media coverage worth about $464 million. It wasn’t enough to keep him in the race.

The NFL’s Reckoning With Marijuana

As Ricky Williams readies a marijuana gym and pro athletes dive into pot ventures, why did Laremy Tunsil tumble in the draft after a bong tweet?

The Donald Doctrine

What would Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, do as commander in chief? His comments on torture, NATO and other foreign policy issues have military leaders speaking out.