Abortion rights supporters

Supreme Court Abortion Decision Could Hit Other States

The U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion ruling could open up challenges in other states with provisions similar to those struck down in Texas.
E-waste recycling

Taking The Toxic Out Of Plastic

U.S. scientists are finding new ways to transform BPA-leaching plastics into greener, safer alternatives for consumers.
Brexit Regret: Will There Be A New Referendum Vote?

Brexit Do-Over Vote ‘Hijacked’ By Referendum Losers

Britain’s largest-ever parliamentary petition to hold a second EU referendum has 3.9 million signatures. It was created by a Brexit supporter.

Did Gov. Malloy’s Regulator Mislead Ethics Officials?

As her agency reviewed Cigna’s proposed merger, Connecticut’s insurance commissioner asserted she had no Cigna business before her.

What’s Happening Around You? Centric Knows

A new mobile app wants to answer an eternal question by grabbing live video from a host of different apps and sorting it by location.

How A ‘Bachelorette’ Star Used The Show To Plug His Business

Cory Higgins was a bartender and aspiring entrepreneur when “The Bachelorette” approached him in 2003. But he wasn’t necessarily interested in finding love.
whisper app

Whisper App Introduces Video Ads

The anonymous secret-sharing app takes a page from Snapchat and will host video for the first time as it courts advertisers.

A Rocky Road Ahead For US-UK Relations?

With President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron both set to leave office, the trans-Atlantic relationship could be in flux.


Sig Sauer Was Rescued By Guns Like Omar Mateen’s

Sig Sauer was a company near collapse — until it started making assault rifles, like the weapon used in the June 12 massacre that left 49 dead and dozens injured in Orlando, Florida.
Facebook Blizzard Game Streaming Warcraft

Facebook Adds Slideshows For Weekend Memories

Slideshow is a new feature that allows users of Facebook’s iPhone app to create video compilations.

What Do Rubio’s Donors Want Now?

Many of the same Wall Street and auto industry donors who backed the Florida Republican’s failed presidential run are likely to fund his Senate re-election campaign.

Will Brexit Impact Your 401(k)?

Global markets were shocked by the Brexit vote, and your 401(k) balance is likely to take a hit. Here’s how to invest moving forward.
Toxic Nail Polish

What’s Really In Your Nail Polish?

An overhaul of U.S. chemicals regulation this week will not address the suspect ingredients used in the $60 billion personal care products industry.