US Life Expectancy Falls For First Time In Over 20 Years

Data released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed a 0.1 percent fall in life expectancy in 2015, compared to 2014.
ISIS threat in US

Islamic Terror Threat In US Highest Since 9/11

There have been 227 cases of homegrown terror cases since the 2001 attacks, with 115 jihadist cases reported in 2015 and 2016 alone, according to the House Homeland Security Committee.

Vatican Says Ban On Gay Priests Stands

This announcement stands in contrast to Pope Francis’ famous 2013 response, “Who am I to judge?” when he was asked if he was open to gay Catholic priests.
michael jordan case

China’s Top Court Rules In Michael Jordan’s Favor

The basketball legend sued Fujian-based Qiaodan Sports in 2012 for using the Chinese name for Jordan, and his jersey number, without his permission.

YouTube Dismisses Allegations Of Algorithm Changes

Popular YouTuber Felix Kjellberg accused YouTube of making changes to its algorithm that affected the discoverability of a user’s content.

Greenland Ice Sheet More Vulnerable Than Previously Thought

Study of a bedrock core taken from deep under the Greenland ice sheet suggests the region was devoid of ice for a period of 280,000 years in the Pleistocene epoch.

Giraffe Now A Vulnerable Species

The International Union for Conservation of Nature released its latest assessment of global biodiversity Thursday.

Final Decision Reached Regarding Completion Of Dakota Access Pipeline

After months of protests in North Dakota, a final decision has been handed down regarding the completion of the controversial pipeline.

north korea flood

‘Miraculous Victory’ For Kim’s Regime In Flood Recovery

Severe floods in North Korea's northeast earlier this year left hundreds of people dead and tens of thousands displaced.

The Lobbying Campaign Behind Trump's Taiwan Phone Call

President-elect Donald Trump broke diplomatic protocol and spoke directly to the president of Taiwan. He may have done so at the urging of well-paid lobbyists.

FDR Delivered Famous Speech After Pearl Harbor

The impact of President Franklin Roosevelt's speech can still be felt 75 years later.