Gary Cohn's NEC Has Been Lobbied By Goldman Sachs-Backed Groups

The White House said National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn would recuse himself from matters directly affecting his old employer, Goldman Sachs. But groups Goldman is a member of have been directly lobbying the NEC.

The Firms Trying To Sway Infrastructure Policy In Their Favor

Dozens of firms, many of them foreign, are hiring lobbyists to get an edge over rivals when it comes to the White House's infrastructure plans. Several of them have prior connections to the officials they're lobbying.

Backdoor Discovered In Software Used By Banks, Utilities Companies

A backdoor called ShadowPad was discovered in remote server software, allowing hackers to gain access to financial institutions, telecommunications, utilities and manufacturing companies.

Trump's Taken More Vacation Days To Date Than Obama During Presidency

President Donald Trump was a frequent Twitter critic of former President Barack Obama for his vacation days and golf outings, but to date, Trump has outpaced the former president on both those fronts. 

How The Fossil Fuel Industry ‘Polluted’ Politics

Renowned climatologist Michael Mann says market mechanisms worked well in addressing environmental problems — until players like the Koch brothers made climate change a partisan issue.

Prehistoric Fish Fossil Shows How Human Skulls Evolved

A prehistoric jawbone is showing scientists how humans evolved, but the fossil comes from what might be an unexpected marine animal.
tdrs-m satellite

NASA Is Planning To Launch A New Satellite Friday To Keep Communications To ISS, Hubble Going

NASA is planning to launch a satellite Friday that will keep space communications going well into the 2020s.