How ICOs Will Change In 2018

Token sales will include more bitcoin users and legal guidance in 2018.

The Questions ICO Investors Need To Be Asking

The lightning growth of ICOs has also attracted skepticism from investors wary of bad actors and get-rich-quick schemes.
Net Neutrality Protest

When Will Net Neutrality Be Gone?

Following the FCC's vote to roll back net neutrality protections, the order will enter a finalization process before going into effect.

How Net Neutrality Vote Impacts Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency markets have been booming in recent months but the looming repeal of net neutrality protections may spell trouble for the digital currency traders and the recent bitcoin price surge.

What Is Roaching? New Dating Trend Could Be A Relationship Ruiner

There's a new dating trend called "roaching" that can compromise a budding relationship.


What Greenland Would Look Like Without Ice

The video/animation published this week on YouTube provides scientists with an in-depth simulation of a scenario where there is no ice on Greenland.

Laser-Powered Fusion May Power Human Civilization In 10 Years

Australian researchers say they are very close to perfecting a laser-driven technique for creating fusion that dispenses energy and leaves no toxic radioactive waste.