Euro      : Euro is currently trading at 1.3740 levels and touched high 1.3839 level yesterday. If Euro trades below 1.3760 level (200days Weekly EMA) in 2-3 trading session then could see further bearish pressure till 1.3580 levels. Do not initiate longs until we see 2 higher consequtive closings. Range for the day could be 1.3580 to 1.3840. (EURUSD - 1.3740) Bearish

Sterling : GBPUSD is currently trading at 1.5664 levels and touched high 1.5745 levels,yesterday.Immediate support comes near 1.5640 levels which if broken then could see further bearish pressure till 1.5550 levels. Range for the day could be 1.5550 -1.5800 levels.(GBPUSD - 1.5664) Bearish.

Yen        : USDJPY is currently trading at 89.62 levels. Upside correction is expected near 90.40 levels (21 Days, 55days daily Ema). Initiate shorts near these levels for the target of 88.40 levels and even lower due to increased risk aversion. Only a break of 93.00 levels would change the bias of the Yen. (USDJPY- 89.62) Bullish.

Aud       : AUDUSD is currently trading at 0.8743 levels. Staying below .8800 continously could only move the pair to .8450 levels. (AUDUSD - 0.8743) Neutral.

Gold       : Gold tested the highs of $1083 levels yesterday after the euro news that Germany plans to help out Greece, from where it was pushed down to $1075 levels. Sideways trading is expected in gold due to some gains expected to be seen in other currencies. Resistance of $1080- $1090 levels looks good where selling can be expected for near term gains. (Gold-$1075) Neutral

Dollar Index: Dollar Index is currently trading at 79.80 levels. Immediate support comes near 79.50 levels. Overall dollar looks to be strong in short-term till 82 levels. (DI -79.86). Short-term Bullish.