Euro     : EURUSD continues to be in the range. Only a break of 1.40 levels on a sustained basis would make the pair bearish. Currently it is holding above weekly 100 days moving averages around 1.4122 which makes the pair stay in the neutral zone. We personally don't feel that euro ahould be very bearish though. (EURUSD-1.4162) Neutral

Sterling  : GBPUSD is currently trading at 1.6110 levels and room till 1.58 is possible incase 1.60 breaks decisively.  We personally feel that buying on dips is a better preposition for medium term in pound.(GBPUSD 1.6110). Neutral

Yen     : The JPY is currently trading near resistance level 90 levels. As per our expectations yen is holding bullishness and targeting 88-89 levels and even lower due to increased risk aversion. (USDJPY- 90.00) Bullish.

Aud       : The Australian dollar is correctiong due to increased risk aversion and gold selling . Good support is located close to .8920-.8980 levels. Buying close to 0.8900-0.9000 levels is recommended.(AUDUSD-0.9057) Cautious Bullish

Gold        : GOLD is currently trading around $1099 levels and does not seem to go below crucial weekly and daily support of 1082 dollars. Buy close to these levels with 15 dollar stoploss for 30-40 dollars. (Gold-$1099) Bullish.

Dollar Index: Dollar Index is trading near resistance level of 78.50 level which in broken then could see further bullish scenario towards 80 levels. Bias remains bullish only if sustained trading above 78.50 levels otherwise Rangebound. (DI -78.50) Neutral.