The EURUSD is currently trading at 1.2304 and in a clear downtrend after the correction to 1.2670 levels. Maintain selling for exports even at current levels (Only EURO/USD leg , we can wait for covering USD/INR leg) . We target 1.20 and below. We had advised exporters to cover at 1.30 levels for medium term (refer week back update). Importers hold for covers. Bearish-target 1.2000 & below . (EURUSD - 1.2304).

GBPUSD is currently trading at 1.4460 levels . We touched 1.4612 on Friday but it opened with a gap and touched a low of 1.4410. The bias is clearly bearish below 1.4530 levels. We got some exporters covered few days back at 1.5050 levels (refer previous updates) .We are still bearish on the pair. Importers hold for covers.( Cover USD/INR leg) . Target 1.41 & below in medium term. (GBPUSD - 1.4460).Bearish.

USDJPY is currently trading 91.40 levels. We have seen a 89-90 levels due to increased risk aversion. Stay short on the USD/JPY pair . The trend for the pair has turned slight bearish below 95.00 levels. May-June Importers cover yen at 92 levels and exporters cover close to 88-89 level. Ideally 88.10 support should hold. (USDJPY 91.40) Neutral.

AUDUSD is currently trading at 0.8483 levels. Exporters got booked few days back at 0.9050 levels. Target of .8000 and below expected in medium term. Exporters cover at every rise in the pair. Bearish Still. (AUDUSD - 0.8483).

Gold is currently trading at $1212 levels and its bias is clearly on the upside. It had reached our target of 1st Target of 1200 dollars and 2nd target of 1240 levels. Buying on dips remains the strategy. We have bought gold at 1175-80 levels as suggested (refer 2 weeks update) and holding long till 1240 dollars atleast. (Gold- $1212) Bullish.