India has issued arrest warrants for three Iranians who have been connected to an attack on Israeli envoys in New Delhi last month.

On the basis of thorough and carefully undertaken investigations, three Iranians have been identified by the investigating authorities as suspects in the terrorist attack on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi on February 13, 2012, external affairs spokesman Syed Akbaruddin stated on Friday.

The Iranian ambassador to India was informed of the charges against the suspects, whose names have not been made public. The three are wanted for their alleged involvement in a car bomb planted on an Israeli embassy car on Feb. 13 that injured several people, including the wife of a diplomat.

Investigations in the case are ongoing and no conclusions can be drawn at this stage, the Indian Foreign Ministry said.

We have informed the Iranian ambassador of these developments so as to seek the cooperation of the Iranian authorities in bringing those involved in this dastardly attack to justice.

According to CNN, the three suspects are named Houshan Afshar, Syed Ali Mehdi Sadr and Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi, although Indian police have neither made the names public nor confirmed the report.

Moreover, Indian journalist Syed Mohammad Kazmi was arrested in connection with the bombing last week. Kazmi said he is a freelance reporter who worked for an unspecified Iranian paper, but denied his involvement in the attack during a brief court appearance.

India's ZeeNews reported that police found links between Kazmi and the three Iranians suspects.

India is also trying to get Interpol red notices printed for the suspects, according to the Times of India. The red notices would make international travel harder for the wanted men.

A similar car bomb was defused on an Israeli vehicle in Tbilisi, Georgia on the same day as the New Delhi bombing. A day later, three Iranians were arrested after an accidental explosion in Bangkok. Thai police believe they were plotting a terrorist attack when their explosives detonated in the house they rented.