Indian spiritual leader Sai Baba, who has millions of followers around the world, is battling for life in a hospital in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, according to media reports.

The orange-clad, 'miracle-performing' guru with a distinctive hairstyle has hundreds of celebrity followers around the world. In India, former prime ministers, top businessmen and the glitterati from the sports and movie fields have flocked to his 'ashram' in Puttaparthi in Southern India over the years.

While some of his self-professed miracles have been reportedly exposed as mere magicians' tricks, Sai Baba has also made a lasting name as a philanthropist who mobilized huge sums for helping rural Indians.

Sai Baba was hospitalized last week with a deteriorating lung and chest congestion. The medical bulletin said on Tuesday his condition has worsened and that he was on a ventilator and receiving dialysis.

The vital systems are not adequately responding. The condition of Baba is critical. The panel of doctors treating him are doing their best to make the systems respond, the bulletin said.