Indians pitcher Fausto Carmona was arrested in the Domincan Republic on Thursday for using a false identity. The pitcher, who debuted in the MLB in 2006, is really named Roberto Hernandez Heredia, and is 31, not 28 like he claimed.

Maximo Baez Aybar, a spokesman for the Domincan police, told The Washington Post that the Indians pitcher was arrested Carmona/Heredia when he went to the Dominican Republic to renew his visa.

Fausto Carmona is the second MLB player to be arrested for using a false identity this offseason. Last fall, police arrested Marlins pitcher Leo Nunez, whose real name is Juan Oviedo. Both Players remain on their respective teams roster, though who knows for how long.

Carmona, who came close to winning the Cy Young in 2007, posted  a 7-15 record with a 5.25 ERA last year.