Indigo-Energy, Inc. was pleased to announce today that it has engaged Oil and Gas Advisors, Inc. (OGA) of Dallas, Texas to assist with completion efforts on its wells drilled in the Illinois Basin. Indigo recently received the funding necessary to begin the final steps of completion engineering on three natural gas wells and one oil well drilled earlier this year. Working with Indigo’s existing operating partners in the Basin, Oil and Gas Advisors will help ensure the best production results possible once the wells are brought to completion.

Led by President Robert Dickinson, who brings over 24 years of natural gas and oil well engineering expertise to the field, Oil and Gas Advisors, Inc. focuses primarily on projects in the natural gas industry and related businesses, although it also retains extensive advisory experience in several other segments of the energy industry. Their experience in the natural gas industry and related businesses ranges from exploration and production through end-market applications.

“We believe that Rob Dickinson and his firm will bring tremendous value to the final stages of this project,” stated President and CEO of Indigo, Steve Durdin. “His technical expertise, experience and tremendous engineering background along with his knowledge of industry economics and deal structure will provide a great resource to Indigo well beyond this effort in the Illinois Basin,” he added. Dickinson will travel to the well sites as early as next week to begin his work with the efforts already underway.

“The New Year just ahead holds hopeful promise for Indigo and its shareholders,” continued Durdin. “This announcement today marks an important step in our efforts to finish what we started in the Illinois Basin and our anticipation is very high for impressive results.” In the coming weeks, Indigo hopes to finalize completion engineering at the well sites and begin testing and producing natural gas just in time for the expected higher gas prices and demand that is often seen during the winter months across the U.S.