Fans of “Skullgirls” developer Lab Zero Games have been excited for their newest project “Indivisible,” thanks to the way the roleplaying game (RPG) has been promoted. To give gamers a taste of what they have in store, the developer has released a free prototype of the game on the PlayStation 4.

The prototype was released to help crowd fund the game on Indiegogo. IGN stated that 505 Games, the publisher of “Indivisible,” will add an extra $2 million to the game if it makes $1.5 million on the crowd funding campaign. 

So far, the game has made $800,000 through Indiegogo. There is still five days left to crowd fund the game, so those interested in “Indivisible” may want to do so.

To those unaware, “Indivisible” is an interesting combination of platformer and RPG. According to the official PlayStation Blog the game is inspired by “Valkyrie Profile,” which came out on the PS One and was re-released on the PSP. Like “Valkyrie Profile,” the game has 2D sprites and a real-time combat system, which could provide an action-packed experience.

Players will control Ajna, a young girl from a small village who discovers that she has powers. However, instead of shooting fireballs out her eye sockets, she can absorb certain people into her and summon them to fight with her in battles. 

Three characters will be available for Ajna to summon on the prototype: Zebei the archer, Razmi the shaman and Tungar the warrior. If the game manages to get released, players can expect over 27 playable characters for Anja to summon.

In addition to original ones made for the game, there are also a number of characters from various indie games that Ajna can summon. These include Annie from “Skullgirls,” Calibretto from “Battle Chasers,” Juan from “Guacamalee” and Shovel Knight from “Shovel Knight” among others.

PS4 owners should be able to download the “Indivisible” prototype right now on the PSN store. The prototype is free of charge, though it’s unclear if it will survive should the game not get a successful crowd funding from Indiegogo.

Indivisible - Indiegogo Campaign Video (Credit: YouTube/IndivisibleRPG)