Twins born in Indonesia and put up separately for adoption, have been reunited three decades later in Sweden.

Emilie Falk and Lin Backman were adopted from an orphanage in Semarang in northern Indonesia by two separate Swedish couples, but there was no mention in either of their documents of the fact that these babies were twins.

When Baby Backman's adoptive parents left the orphanage with her years ago, the taxi driver had asked them what was going to happen to the girl's sister. So back in Sweden, the Backmans found and made contact with the Falks. The fact that they were non-identical with numerous discrepancies in their adoption papers, such as different father’s names, led them to believe that the girls were not related.

When Emilie Falk got married two years ago she started to think more about her family and adoption. Her mother told her about the possibility of having a twin sister. With the name of the other little adopted girl and through a network for Indonesian children adopted by Swedish families, she eventually found Backman via Facebook.

A DNA test confirmed that there is a 99.98 percent chance that the two are sisters. The two women are in close touch with each other and are planning to make a trip to Indonesia.