Today, it was announced that Industrea Ltd. has listed its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) on International OTCQX, effective immediately. OTCQX is a new market tier organized by Pink OTC Markets Inc. to help reputable issuers distinguish themselves from the rest of the over-the-counter market and provide credibility and visibility of disclosure to investors.

“Listing on OTCQX will provide Industrea with greater access to the U.S. capital market, increased U.S. investor visibility and an opportunity to diversify their shareholder base,” stated R. Cromwell Coulson, Chairman and CEO of Pink OTC Markets. “We welcome Industrea to our growing list of OTCQX issuers.”

Industrea’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Robin Levison, said, “We are very pleased to have opened a new channel to U.S. capital markets through our listing on OTCQX. The continued growth in our suite of mining products and services and our growing presence in overseas markets, particularly the large Chinese mining market, have seen an increased level of interest in Industrea from U.S. investors. The ability to provide those investors with a local U.S. market is a significant step forward for the company.”

U.S. investment bank Merriman Curhan Ford (NASDAQ: MERR) will serve as the company's Principal American Liaison (”PAL”) on the International OTCQX. Stephen Nash, managing director and head of Merriman Curhan Ford’s OTCQX Advisory Group, stated, “We are pleased to sponsor Industrea and help them gain U.S. institutional investor visibility from our capital markets capabilities. Industrea represents Merriman’s eighth Australian company to list on OTCQX — the most out of any investment bank PAL.”