YANGAROO Inc. is a leading provider of secure digital media distribution. YANGAROO is currently working to establish a network of DMDS Certified Senders comprised of professionals with the ability to provide fast and easy delivery of digital files without compromising quality.

The company today announced New York-based Devlin Video International as the first Certified Sender for YANGAROO’s Digital Media Distribution System – DMDS 5.0. Devlin Video is a leading video production and distribution company offering a wide variety of post services, with an impressive lineup of big-name clients such as ABC Sports, BBC, CBS Networks, Comedy Central, the History Chanel, and InDemand, to name a few.

Partnering with Devlin Production will boost awareness of YANGAROO’s services, and allow the company to maintain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

“We’ve been working with Devlin to complete a number of deliveries to U.S. television broadcasters,” Richard Klosa, CTO of YANGAROO stated in the press release. “To have a company as influential as Devlin leading the way is a great boost as we expand our Certified Sender network to make distributing the highest quality video via the DMDS network as easy as possible for our content owner customers.”

According to the press release, DMDS distributes broadcast-quality video, including music videos, advertising and more, to domestic and international destinations. In the digital media industry, quality is not to be taken lightly, and convenience, speed and efficiency are required for any distribution system.

“Getting setup to work with DMDS was very straight forward,” said Ben Vaughn, managing director at Devlin. “I was able to upload a full broadcast quality video on behalf of our client within a few minutes, choose the destinations, and with the click of a mouse, it was on its way and delivered, truly a revolutionary process.”

DMDS has the ability to maintain time-code and closed captioning, and can be integrated into Online Editing Suites, On-Air Playback Servers, or Digital Archives, ensuring quality and secure distribution of digital files.