Inergetics, Inc. is a leading developer of nutritional supplements for the Clinical Nutrition and Sports Supplement markets. The Company has established a line of Resurgex products. These consist of proprietary nutritional formulas, which a wide array of clinical patients and consumers use. Inergetics, Inc. has their headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey.

The Company’s products deliver healthful, whole-food calories and do not contain high-fructose corn syrup or corn oil. These ingredients have been shown to correlate with an increase in obesity and a promotion of insulin resistance, and they are implicated in inflammation and cancer. In addition, the use of high levels of Omega-6 fats (corn oil) has been shown to promote tumor growth in animal models.

Inergetics has targeted brands that independently serve the clinical oncology, long term care, and sports nutrition markets. Resurgex™ products provide comprehensive nutritional support for actively treated cancer patients as well as those in post-treatment care and elderly members of the assisted living community.

Resurgex Essential™ and Resurgex Essential Plus™ are comprehensive, calorically dense formulas. They meet and exceed the nutritional requirements of the assisted living community. Resurgex Essential™ has 250 whole-food calories and 10 grams of whey protein, containing no corn syrup or corn oil. It also contains fruit and vegetable extracts and FOS Fiber. Resurgex Essential Plus™ has 480 whole-food calories and 20 grams of whey protein, containing no corn syrup or corn oil. It also contains a fruit and vegetable blend.

Resurgex™ products serve the Clinical Oncology and Long Term Care (Senior Care) markets comprised of immuno-compromised individuals undergoing medical treatment for diseases such as cancer, wound healing, and post-surgical healing and other conditions. The Company also serves geriatric patients who want to increase their quality of life with a supplement that’s fortified with nutrient-rich, high-quality ingredients that help maintain body weight, support a healthy G.I. tract, and keep their bodies strong.

Inergetics’ Resurgex Select™ is a clinical nutritional supplement that provides comprehensive nutritional support for immuno-compromised cancer patients that are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment, as well as those in post-treatment care. Immuno-compromised individuals, most of who are receiving or recovering from cancer treatment, have consumed more than 4 million servings of Resurgex Select™ over the past decade.

Surgex™ is a sports nutritional formula, which has been used by professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, as well as by Division I College Athletes. Surgex™ has been clinically validated to address the nutritional concerns of both professional and amateur elite athletes, such as fatigue, loss of lean muscle, oxidative stress, and reduced immune function.