Infinite Group, Inc. today announced the launch of Cloud-Cast, a new division focused on the growing market for cloud computing and virtualization services. To bring this new technology to the forefront, Infinite named Jason Langone to the position of division President. Langone is a noted name in the industry and gives this already impressive project a great deal of credibility.

With the mission of targeting opportunities for cloud computing solutions in government and commercial markets, the Cloud-Cast division is unique in that it will offer a full range of cloud computing products and services with the initial offering to be the Cloud-Cast Readiness Assessment to analyze the business case for proposed cloud computing implementations.

One of the aspects that separate the Infinite Cloud-Cast division is that their complete service offering will include solutions for applications, desktops and servers, as well as migration and management services. In addition to these services, Cloud-Cast will develop proprietary software solutions with an emphasis on dynamic allocation of cloud computing resources.

When asked about the impact of this project, Infinite President and CEO Michael S. Smith said, “Cloud computing is the wave of the future, and Jason Langone and our Cloud-Cast team are ready. We are thrilled about the new Cloud-Cast division, and Jason’s guidance will enable the creation and delivery of an industry-leading range of product and service offerings.”

Cloud-Cast division President was quoted as saying, “Our vision is to make cloud computing a more accessible technology. Our focus will be on driving business value from cloud computing implementations, as well as to create unique offerings that address the rapidly-growing market for cloud-based services.”

Cloud-Cast may cast a very bright future for Infinite. As of 10:30 am, Infinite was trading in the $0.46 range. With the addition of a powerful name such as Langone and a business plan that is sound-proof, Infinite Group is well positioned for further growth.

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