NEW JERSEY(Commodity Online): Sustained inflation has rised the denomination values of US coins over the years, according to National Inflation Association which has launched 'Coin Melt Values' as a new feature in its website It is updated daily with the latest melt values of U.S. coins that are currently in circulation or were previously in circulation. The purpose of NIA's new feature is to demonstrate how over time, inflation makes U.S. coins worth more than their denomination values, a NIA press release said.

Due to the massive monetary inflation by the Federal Reserve and the rise in the price of copper, the 1909-1982 U.S. one-cent penny is now worth $0.022402 or 224.02% of its denomination value. The U.S. five-cent nickel that is currently in circulation is now worth $0.057412 or 114.82% of its denomination value.

In December of 2009, NIA declared silver the best investment for the next decade. Its Coin Melt Values page shows how U.S. silver coins that circulated during the 1900s are now worth between 509.3% and 1,942.73% of their denomination values. NIA believes these silver coins will be useful for bartering if the U.S. were to experience hyperinflation. NIA recently announced that due to the new healthcare bill and rising interest payments on our national debt, the U.S. could potentially experience an outbreak of hyperinflation by the year 2015.