While doing business proposals, I am sometimes inundated with a lot of numbers.  Trying to present these numbers in an interesting way is always a challenging task.  Infographics is a wonderful way to do just that.

Column Five Media, Inc. has launched an Infographic App that displays 50 skillfully crafted charts.  I love the way they present data in colorful and easy to read formats.  The same data would usually be boring and one-dimensional.

The graphical images are segmented by topics and can be accessed on-demand. Bright colors and cartoon graphics allow you to digest fun facts about topics such as:

How Americans Feel about the Death Penalty - How Americans have become uneasy with the death penalty while 60% still support it.

This Infographic presents results of people polled on their support for the Death Penalty from 1995 to 2010.  Variants of the question include if they had a preference between life imprisonment and the death penalty (More choose Life in 2010).


Guy Kawasaki's: Social Network Decision Tree - This Infographic is a lighthearted look at which Social network is applicable to you based on a dichotomy of questions.


Ode to Steve Jobs - This Infographic is a time line of the ideas and words of the Great One over the past century.  Topics include the launch of Apple I - priced at $666.66 because Steve and Woz (Apple's Founders) liked the number repetition.  They also show a point where Steve Jobs was unveiling the MacBook Air in an envelope (That brought back a lot of fond memories.)


Infographic is a great App that is a visual masterpiece in presenting information.  For students, it's a great way to see how best to present information in a binding way to get the point across.  For a simple Joe like me, it's a great way to while some minutes away looking all that information.

The current version of the App displays 50 Infographics at a time.  But version 1.1 will have pagination to view many more.  There are already 200 archived in the App's feed with 3-5 new Infographics posted each day.

Infographics (Free) is Available for iPad and the iPhone.


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