The nation's recovery after the catastrophic earthquake on March's 11 is paused due to the slowdown in overseas economies and the on-going yen's appreciation, and for domestic demand, business fixed investment are moderately rising, aided partly by the restoration of disaster-stricken facilities, also the private consumption has remained un developed and the housing investments are not picking.

On the other hand, exports and production are remained in a slowdown trend, due to the slowdown effect and the effects that is led by the overseas economies and the yen's appreciation along with Thailand's floods.

Regarding the Japanese outlook, as Japan's economic activity will remain unchanged for the time being and then the economy is expected to return back to a moderate recovery also the exports and production will also remain moderate.

Meanwhile, the value of the yen against the U.S. dollar, long-term interest rates, and stock prices are remained at more or less the same levels as last month and the financial conditions have continued to ease.