Information Systems Associates Inc., a leader in data center optimization software, services and solutions, today pre-announced its revenues for the first quarter ended March 31, 2010, as well as first-quarter highlights.

The company posted revenues of $249,000 for the first quarter, a 25-percent increase from the first quarter 2009 revenues of $199,000.

Information Systems also announced corporate restructuring during the first quarter, which resulted in increased operating efficiencies and a $75,000 reduction in its fixed quarterly expenses; and the completion of several projects for six Fortune 500 companies.

Joe Coschera, Information Systems’ CEO, said the company has reviewed its operations has made the correct adjustments necessary to move forward with its goals.

“After reviewing 2009 results we felt it was necessary to evaluate our human resource needs and align them with our vision for the future. The result was a significant decrease in fixed operating expenses and a clear focus on profitable growth. We now feel that we are better positioned to grow our company to the next level,” Coschera stated in the press release.

The company also noted second-quarter activity, including entering into the evaluation stage with a Fortune 1000 company; entering the proposal stage with a Fortune 100 company; and entering into discussions with a partner to expand service offerings both domestically and internationally.