InfoSpi, Inc., a leader in the development of biotechnologies and biofuels, recently announced that the company has submitted a proposal to Ma’ale Adumim Economic Development Company for the build out and operation of a garbage-to-energy facility in the city of Jerusalem, Israel.

Under the terms of the proposal, the plant will buy up to 1,500 tons of garbage per day from the city of Jerusalem in order to generate 60 MW of electricity. In a partnership with Hoskinson Group, InfoSpi, Inc. will commit to build a modular waste-to-energy (WTE) plant that will be installed at the landfill site and will dispose up to 1,500 tons a day with 10 machines. Each machine broiler will produce approximately 70 million BTU of steam per hour at 400PSI.

Chris Hamilton, chief executive officer of InfoSpi, Inc., stated, “Each 150 ton WTE machine will generate up to 6 MW of electricity. The WTE will meet or exceed all local environmental regulations and will be manufactured by Kirk & Blum; the largest metal fabricator in the U.S. Kirk & Blum is a division of Ceco Environmental, the largest industrial pollution control company in the world.”

Mr. Hamilton continued, “Our cooperation with The Hoskinson Group, a next generation Alternative Energy Group, is invaluable. The Hoskinson Group has been founded and led by Gordon Hoskinson, a world-renowned expert and leading innovator in Energy production through waste incineration, which produces no discernable pollution.”