INFRAX Systems, Inc., 10-year veteran provider of operational, communications and applications management to companies in the energy grid and telecom sectors which demand the very best when it comes to managing their networks, yesterday announced a long-awaited Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for managing infrastructure via web called OptiCon On-Line.

CEO of IFXY, Paul J. Aiello, noted the Company’s long history of providing scalable, customizable solutions that increase efficiency and reduce capital expenditure while beating out the price-point of any competing provider.

Aiello hailed the new On-Line version of the proven OptiCon Network Manager™ platform, launched April 5, as the “logical next step”, and pointed to proposals with local data centers currently under evaluation which would host this, and the planned Smart Grid SaaS application. Aiello also projected hosting partner selection soon, and a ship date of OptiCon On-Line by June this year.

The tying of a user’s client to IFXY’s OptiCon Network Manager™ via the OptiCon On-Line application using a direct, secured connection allows a hosted environment approach via remote location to produce serious efficiency windfalls, and the system is so redundant that it can function in a fully hosted manner or as an INFRAX integration partner.

The OptiCon Software as a Service (SaaS) methodology has several distinct advantages, like secured storage and backup, systemic redundancy, and a licensing program that is perfect for anywhere from 1 to 1,00 users.

With the removal of up-front costs associated with the OptiCon On-line methodology, as well as bundling of all support functions into the monthly service fee, the product offers a potential savings gold mine to integration partners, providing a recurring stream of zero-input revenue generation, and enabling partners to offer private or co-branded solutions.

Proprietary, cutting-edge wired, wireless and fiber optics network management solutions by IFXY automate threat detection, fault isolation and information delivery in every facet of the physical and logical layers of a given system.

The real beauty of IFXY’s solutions is the scalability, which allows the software to service the largest multi-million customer global utilities and telecoms as well as medium-sized outfits with no appreciable cost differential.