Ready for some new ink? Spike is! “Ink Master” is returning to the network Tuesday night with a brand new season – and the drama is already brewing.

Season 6 of the reality series will pit masters against their apprentices. Like past installments, a feature in Inked magazine and $100,000 is on the line for these 18 artists. They must prove that they have the creativity and technical skills to win challenges every week by impressing the judges – no easy feat.

Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) returns as host, along with famed tattoo artist judges Chris Nunez (“Miami Ink”) and Oliver Peck (Elm Street Tattoo). Check out the new cast members ahead of the premiere, which airs on Spike Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT:

Chris Blinston

ChrisB "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Chris Blinston Photo: Spike

Clint Blinston, 26, hails from Coral Springs, Fl and is going head-to-head with Tyler Nolan. With 18 years’ experience under his belt, the owner/ artist at No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery will be a tough competitor.

Miami Burgess

MIAMI_B_0074 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Miami Burgess Photo: Spike

Miami Burgess doesn’t need “Ink Master” to help make a name for himself in the industry. The Skin Werks tattoo artist from Carrollton, GA has over 20 years of experience in the field – including tattooing an image of Michael Jackson on rapper DaBrat. He’ll be facing off with Craig Foster, who appeared in Season 3 of the Spike reality show.

Erik Campbell

ERIK_C_0293 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Erik Campbell Photo: Spike

Erik Campbell is challenging contestant Marisa LRen, who briefly apprenticed with him. The Grand Junction, CO tattoo artist believes that Marisa doesn’t give him enough respect, and he’s ready to change that by winning “Ink Master.”

Big Ceeze

Big Ceeze "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Big Ceeze Photo: Spike

Big Ceeze is competing against his “student,” Kito, in Season 6. Specializing in black and grey realism, the Anaheim, CA owner and artist at Mi Familia Tattoo has 17 years’ experience and is ready to put that to use.

Dave Clarke

DAVID_C_0012 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Dave Clarke Photo: Spike

Dave Clarke has had a very interesting career, having been in the army before working at Sacred-X-Pression in Fort Walton Beach, FL. He’s excited to face his mentor, Earle Noble, to prove that “the student is always better than the teacher.”

Duffy Fortner

DUFFY_F_0169 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Duffy Fortner Photo: Spike

Between 12 years of experience and a 10-month old baby at home, it sounds like Duffy Fortner can tackle anything. The Prince Frederick, MD tattoo artist works at Red Octopus Tattoos and is looking forward to becoming the first female Ink Master.

Craig Foster

CRAIG_F_0091 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Craig Foster Photo: Spike

If Craig Foster looks familiar it’s because he was a contestant on Season 3 of “Ink Master.” The fan favorite cast member, who specializes in new skool, is returning to face off against his mentor, Miami Burgess.

Ryan Hadley

RYAN_H_0158 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Ryan Hadley Photo: Spike

Ryan Hadley specializes in realism, hyperrealism, black and white and Japanese. The Fort Wayne, IN owner and artist has 15 years of experience in the industry and wants to challenge his mentor, St. Marq.


KITO_T_0219 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Kito Photo: Spike

Tattoo artist Kito of Tulsa, OK specializes in black and grey and lettering. The owner/ artist at Fidolo Tattoo holds nothing back and plans on beating his rival, Big Ceeze.


DAVE_K_0015 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Dave Kruseman Photo: Spike

Kruseman has 20 years of experience tattooing. Now an owner and artist at Oldeline Tattoo in Hagerstown, MD, Kruseman is ready to beat his “cocky” apprentice, Duffy.

Marisa LaRen

MARISA_L_3062 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Marisa LaRen Photo: Spike

Marisa LaRen already has a title under her belt – she ranked third in the 2014 Colorado State’s Fitness Competition. The new tattoo artist, who has just 3 years of experience under her belt, is ready to take her competitive nature to “Ink Master.”

St. Marq

ST_M_0012 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant St. Marq Photo: Spike

St. Marq has been in the tattoo industry for 25 years and specializes in Black and Grey, Realism, Large Conceptual and “Epic Multi-Surface tattoos.” He thinks his rival, Ryan Hadley, has a big ego … and he’s ready to take him down a notch.

Katie McGowan

KATIE_M_0005 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Katie McGowan Photo: Spike

Katie McGowan is a fresh face with just five years of experience. Although her experience is limited, she’s hoping her confidence and “competitive personality” can help her land the title of first female “Ink Master.”


MATTHEW_V_0023 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant MV Photo: Spike

MV hails from El Paso, TX, where he is an artist and owner of Blue Panda Tattoo. He’s got six years of experience, and specializes in black and grey and realism. He’s challenging his former apprentice, Brian Stephens.

Earl Noble

EARL_N_3144 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Earl Noble Photo: Spike

Originally from new Orleans, Earle Noble is now a tattoo artist in St. Petersburg, FL. With 10 years of experience, his specialty is realism.

Tyler Nolan

TYLER_N_0070 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Tyler Nolan Photo: Spike

Tyler Nolan has an interesting hobby … he spends his spare time as a “venomous snake handler.” Other than that, he’s got 10 years’ experience and works at Vatican Tattoos in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He’s hoping to beat his mentor, Chris Blinston.

Matt O’Baugh

MATT_O_0096 "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Matt O'Baugh Photo: Spike

Matt O’Baugh is the owner of Black Cobra Tattoos in Sherwood, AR. The artist has 14 years of experience, and is in the competition with his employee, Katie McGowan.

Brian Stephens

BrianS "Ink Master" Season 6 contestant Brian Stephens Photo: Spike

Brian Stephens hasn’t been in the tattoo industry for long. The El Paso, TX artist has a total of three years under his belt, but will do his best to get the respect from other competitors with more experience. He already has awards in traditional and color categories, and focuses in traditional and realism.