“Ink Master” Season 7 is gearing up to be a battle of the veterans. A total of four new artists have been eliminated from the Spike competition, and episode 5 might displace another rookie “Revenge” contestant.

Tuesday night’s installment kicks off with Christian meeting Megan Jean and Anthony to discuss their alliance after Picasso was eliminated in episode 4. Christian and Anthony are worried that Megan Jean’s head is no longer in the game since there is an “obvious relationship” brewing between her and Cleen Rock One. Megan Jean insists that they’re just friends, but Anthony believes that it could affect her judgment. Megan will have to prove herself during the episode 5 flash challenge.

The remaining contestants — Christian, Megan Jean, Anthony, Alex, Cleen Rock One, Matti Hixson, Sausage and St. Marq — head to Coney Island to meet with judges Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez.

The judges welcome a group of half naked men and women and reveal that the challenge this week is using paint to transform a contortionist into something else. The contestants will be tested on color theory, and work in teams of two.

Since Cleen Rock One was the winner of the elimination tattoo last week, he has the power to assign the teams. He chooses to pair up with St. Marq, and helps Megan out by putting her with Sausage, who is a strong artist. Cleen Rock One attempts to shake up everyone else by placing Matti with Alex, who has “checked out,” and Christian with Anthony, two artists who don’t primarily work with color.

With four hours on the clock, the teams get to work trying to create a “jaw dropping illusion.” However, not everyone succeeds. Anthony and Christian’s design is not as creative as the judges would have liked, and they find Alex and Matti’s piece to be “weak” and “sloppy.” Sausage and Megan Jean ultimately win for their dynamic shape and creativity. That means they have the power to assign the human canvases in the elimination tattoo — but first they have to welcome another veteran who is “back for revenge.” Jime Litwalk of Season 3 returns to throw his hat in the ring for the $100,000 “Ink Master” grand prize.

Since Jime is entering the competition this week, he gets to decide what everyone will be working on. He announces that they will be going head-to-head on new school dinosaur designs with a focus on color theory.

Megan knows she has to tread lightly because of her alliance with Christian and Anthony, but she still hooks up Cleen Rock One with a good canvas. With that said, Sausage goes after Matti and Jime, giving them difficult canvases.

With six hours on the clock, the artists get to work. Most are confident with their designs, but the judges quickly find flaws during the critique.

  • Oliver Peck says that Jime’s drawing is good, but that it’s too dark overall.
  • Cleen Rock One’s design displays great use of color theory, says Chris Nunez.
  • The judges don’t like the “stone TV” part of Matti’s tattoo, and believe that he made a mistake with a line.
  • Sausage’s tattoo is praised for the color, saturation, highlights and details.
  • Chris Nunez likes Christian’s blend of color, but it still misses the mark.
  • The judges agree that Megan Jean’s piece is solid and bright. However, they don’t like the perspective she chose. They find it hard to read.
  • Dave Navarro acknowledges that Anthony’s canvas wanted a weird design, but thinks that he was able to pull off a legible and clean piece.
  • Chris Nunez thinks that Alex fell flat with his drawing, and doesn’t think that his work reflects a desire to be in the competition.
  • St. Marq’s tattoo doesn’t have a “wow” factor, says Chris Nunez. He thinks he failed at capitalizing on the color theory challenge.

The judges decide that the best tattoo of the day goes to Sausage. As for the worst tattoos of the challenge? Megan Jean, Alex and St. Marq end up in the bottom three.

Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck believe all three artists missed the mark on the challenge, but the human canvas jury nominates Alex's work as the bottom design. Megan Jean, Alex and St. Marq argue over who has the weakest tattoo. However, in the end the decision comes down to the judges.

Oliver Peck is locked in on St. Marq having the worst tattoo, while Chris Nunez is set on Megan Jean. In the end, Dave Navarro sides with Oliver Peck, eliminating St. Marq in episode 5 of “Ink Master.” St. Marq becomes the first veteran to be sent home in Season 7.

St. Marq St. Marq became the first veteran eliminated in episode 5 of “Ink Master” Season 7. Photo: Spike