Innovative Designs Inc. manufactures apparel and other products using Insultex. Insultex is the thinnest, lightest and warmest insulator in the market today. The company announced today that it has completed the testing phase for its Insultex House-Wrap. The testing was conducted by two facilities – BRC Laboratory and Intertek Testing Services.

One important test measured the R-value. The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. It is the ratio of the temperature difference across an insulator and the heat flux through it. The R-value testing, conducted by BRC Laboratory, resulted in an R-value approaching 3. Four separate tests showed results of 2.92, 2.71, 2,89 and 2.85 with an average result being 2.84. Insultex House-Wrap will be able to offer a house wrap, with a strong R-value, at a mere 1 millimeter thickness.

Other tests were conducted by Intertek Testing and showed the following results:

Water Vapor Transmission – Insultex House-Wrap received ‘high’ water vapor transmission results.

Pliability Test – Insultex House-Wrap showed no cracking in extreme cold during this 24 hour test.

Water Resistance – The House-Wrap held 55 centimeters of water of a 5 hour period, passing the test.

Dry Breaking Force – Insultex House-Wrap passed the 20 minute test.

UV Exposure Test – Insultex House-Wrap was exposed to UV lamps for 10 hours over a 21 day period. No cracking occurred, passing the test.

Accelerated Aging Test – The wrap was oven-dried at 120 degrees F for 3 hours, followed by air-drying for 18 hours. No cracking occurred, passing the test.

Flame and Smoke Test – Insulted House-Wrap received a Flame Spread Classification rating of 10 and a Smoke Developed rating of 25.

The CEO of Innovative Designs, Joseph Riccelli commented on the test results. He said, “The results are in, substantiating what we have believed all along, we have a quality product which has the potential to revolutionize the building industry. We are now finalizing our marketing and sales plans. Insultex House-Wrap will be available in the very near future.”