Innovative Designs, Inc., an industry leader engaged in the manufacture, sale, and marketing of cold weather recreational and industrial clothing products made from INSULTEX, announced today that they have finalized a purchase order with Canadian Tire. Through its Canadian distributor, KTL Canada, Innovative Designs will be shipping an undisclosed, but substantial, amount of their Artic Armor suits to Canadian Tire this coming season. Being that the product is being sold to a distributor, further details regarding distribution of the Artic Armor suits, or possibly additional items to be added later, has not been released.

Canadian Tire Retail and its Associate Dealers together form Canada’s most-shopped general merchandise retailer, with 475 stores from coast-to-coast. Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd is a growing network of five interrelated businesses that offer a range of goods and services that meet life’s everyday needs, including general merchandise and clothing, petroleum and financial services. The Canadian Tire organization employs more than 57,000 people.

Innovative Designs manufactures the Arctic Armor® Line, hunting apparel, swimwear, wind shirts, jackets, and the multi-function “All in One” under the “i.d.i.gear” label featuring INSULTEX®. INSULTEX® is the thinnest, lightest and warmest insulator in the market today. Innovative has also finalized testing on a new product, Insultex® House-Wrap. The testing was conducted in British Columbia and Rhode Island.

Commenting on Insultex House-Wrap, Joseph Riccelli, CEO of Innovative Designs Inc, stated in a press release from April 28th, “We have been working diligently with our product development team to conduct all testing necessary on our Insultex® House-Wrap. The results are in, substantiating what we have believed all along; we have a quality product which has the potential to revolutionize the building industry. We are now finalizing our Marketing and Sales plans. Insultex® House-Wrap will be available in the very near future.”

Innovative Designs recently posted triple digit comp increases year over year for their historically slow second quarter. Further details about the Innovative Designs products and corporate information can be found on their corporate website at