Innovative Food Holdings, Inc., in partnership with one of the largest foodservice distributors in the nation, providing the highest quality gourmet food products to professional chefs throughout the United States, recently announced recorded sales for October, totaling approximately $745,000. Sales in October reflect the best month of sales in Innovative Food Holdings’ operating history.

Sam Klepfish, Innovative Food Holdings’ chief executive officer, stated, “We continue to sell the highest-quality gourmet food products and customers are responding. We are seeing strength in both the retail and foodservice side of our business and we are thrilled to be able to announce a record month of sales for the month of October.” Mr. Klepfish added, “Although, the company does not typically report monthly sales numbers, we felt that reporting record sales, in the economically challenging restaurant and hospitality industry, was a unique achievement for the company.”

Further expanding on October’s sales results, Mr. Klepfish continued, “Innovative Food Holdings’ monthly record sales is especially notable as it comes after the company reported record third quarter revenues of $1,891,316 for the third quarter ended September 30, and reported a significant turnaround in quarterly operating profit by reporting record operating profit of $79,181, compared to an operating loss of $112,032 for the comparable quarter a year ago.” Mr. Klepfish, concluded, “We believe that the strong operating results, reported in historically difficult economic times for the industry in which we operate, are a result of the synergies of leveraging Innovative Food Holdings’ core gourmet platform across a variety of selling channels and we believe are a further indication of the core strength of the company’s offerings.”