“Insidious: Chapter 2” delivered to fans everything they wanted when the highly anticipated horror flick debuted in theaters on Friday the 13th this week. The sequel delivered plenty of answers to some burning questions from the first film and most importantly revealed what happened to Josh when he was a child.

The film introduces a new character, Carl, who helps the Lambert family locate the Bride in Black. Carl was first called by Lorraine Lambert to help her son when he was a boy. Carl felt like he was unequipped to help, which is when Elise came into the picture.

Though she was strangled to death in the last movie, the crew tries to connect with her from the other side to hopefully find some answers, and while they do find the medium they also conjure up something much more darker and, indeed, insidious.

Lorraine joins Elise’s team to try and find out why Josh was originally haunted by an evil spirit. A flash back shows Lorraine working in a hospital as a doctor and Josh coming to visit her. A dying old man suddenly finds the strength to rise and tries to attack the young lead character. A few days later, but still in the flashback, Lorraine is in the elevator with the dying man whose name is Parker Crane. She tries to talk to him and even apologizes for her son, but he ignores her. When she inquires as to why he was walking around and not in bed, a nurse informs Lorraine that Parker Crane died the morning before last.

It’s not long before more than a dozen dead bodies are discovered in the haunted house, along with the Bride in Black’s costume and some telling newspaper clippings. After Carl puts his hand on the outfit, he is able to see into the past. Parker Crane is the Bride in Black. He would wear the dress as a disguise.

But why?

The Bride in Black isn’t the only creepy old woman haunting the Lambert family, and everyone soon finds out who she is and why Parker probably became a mass murderer who still terrorized the living even after he passed away.

The characters continually hear, “She’ll make me kill you.” Apparently Parker’s mother made him kill others.

Throughout the film Josh has been getting progressively sicker and it turns out that Renai’s worst fear has come to fruition. Josh’s soul has been taken over by the Bride in Black. If the soul doesn’t kill, it will kill Josh’s body.

Carl and Elise’s team set out tranquilize Josh so he won’t hurt his wife Renai, his mother Lorraine or the Lambert children, but Carl winds up getting knocked out by the Bride in Black who by now has fully inhabited his body.

While in between worlds, Carl comes into contact with the real Josh, who has been trapped outside his living body for some time.

They’re walking in the darkness together when a creepy figure tells Josh, “He’s got your baby.” Josh makes a mad dash for his house, but is unable to get inside. Flash backs from the first movie are played and things begin to come together.

In the first film there was a creepy black figure haunting the house and in the second film viewers find out it was Josh who sent it away and saved his daughter from the evil spirit with the help of Elise.

She essentially tells Carl and Josh that she came back from heaven to guide them on their way. This is also when a younger Parker Crane allows Elise to see his frightening mother.

A child-aged Parker is sitting on a bed a girl’s room and dressed in a pink frilly dress with a blonde wig. His dreadful mother approaches the child and yells at him for signing a drawing he created for his mother with the name his father gave him. “You’re name is Marliyn! Say it!” She screams at Parker. The woman senses Elise has found her and banishes her from the room.

The Bride in Black, who is in Josh’s body, has now been wreaking terror on Renai and Lorraine. He locks his mother in a closet and is about to kill Renai when his son Dalton hits him over the head with a baseball bat. The three of them make their way to the basement, where Dalton is somehow able to fall instantly asleep to try and bring Josh and Carl back from the other world.

In the end, the family is reunited and Carl helps Josh and Dalton forget about the other world by seemingly hypnotizing them.

But there’s probably another “Insidious” in the works. Elise’s team arrives at a house where a young girl has apparently been terrorized. Elise, in spirit form, enters the house to try and talk to the girl, but what she see’s is something that even scares her.