“Insidious: Chapter 3” proved just how creepy the third installation of the hit franchise will be when the official trailer dropped Tuesday. Moments after the exclusive trailer premiered on the official “Insidious” Facebook page, the movie became a top-trending topic on the social media site. It had more than 120,000 views in minutes and garnered hundreds of likes from fans.

The official page teased the trailer the day before with the film’s tagline: “There are consequences to calling out to the dead.” The film centers on a teenage girl whose mother died. When she calls out to her mother, she opens up the passageway “to be targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.” Her only hope is to be saved by a gifted psychic.

The new trailer starts out innocently enough. Quinn Brenner, played by Stefanie Scott, explains her mother died 18 months ago and sometimes she feels like her mother is still with her. A brief clip of Quinn talking to her mother about school is shown, but it’s not long until things take a sinister turn. “You have to be very careful. If you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you,” Elise warns in the trailer. Quinn finds out that instead of conjuring her mother, she is greeted with something much more “insidious.”

“Insidious: Chapter 3,” the third movie in the franchise, is actually a prequel to the first “Insidious.” It takes place before Josh and Renai Lambert moved into their home when Dalton became possessed. Unlike to first two installations, “Insidious” stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne will not appear in “Chapter 3,” but Lin Shaye reprised her role as Elise Rainier, the psychic who is able to travel into the realm of the dead, or as Elise calls it, “The further.”

“Insidious: Chapter 3” will premiere in theaters nationwide June 5, 2015. Check out the official trailer below:

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