Insight Management Corp. today gave investors additional details regarding its near-term growth strategy. Now that the company has established a solid foothold in the natural gas pipeline services industry, it anticipates meaningful growth through the acquisition of other complementary oil and gas enterprises that offer greater diversity in revenue streams.

Insight Management is currently focused on finding suitable candidates in the $15 million to $25 million revenue range that will be accretive to the company’s capital structure. Meanwhile, revenues of its wholly owned subsidiary, Rebel Testing, Inc. (RTI), are expected to grow organically as demand for natural gas pipeline and well servicing remains steady.

Commenting on the company’s strategy, President and CEO, Jennifer Rapacki, stated, “The cost effectiveness of alternative fuel sources like wind energy remains some time away. Right now, natural gas offers the U.S. an abundant resource more readily accessible and which it may utilize to greater effect as a less carbon intensive energy source compared to coal for running electric power plants.”

She continued, “With the acquisition of Rebel Testing and the merger with Microresearch completed, we look forward to concentrating on the business at hand, growing our company, and delivering the best possible oil and gas services to our customers.”