One dad is being praised for the video he posted on YouTube of himself and his son dressing as Spider-Man and going to an amusement park. The idea is right out of the movie "Big Daddy," in which Adam Sandler's character dressed up as "Scuba Sam," the father of an action figure, to encourage his adopted son to behave by getting in the bath and getting some studying done. You can watch both videos below.

The Spider-Man video was uploaded only on Wednesday, but by Thursday afternoon it already had almost 30,000 views. Even more remarkable is that it has only has four dislikes. 

The video was uploaded by a YouTube user named teachusmore, who has 33 subscribers as of Thursday afternoon, although that number will almost certainly increase as the news of his most recent video spreads online.

"There's a scene in Adam Sandler's movie 'Big Daddy' where Adam dresses up as Scuba Steve, an action-hero, in order to creatively make the boy he's caring for do things," teachusmore wrote underneath the video. "Ever since I watched that scene I've wanted to do the same as a father. Now I'm a father and can happily do it J. On July 21, 201, I surprised my 3-year-old son, Oliver, as Spider-man in his room.

"We played with his toys and jumped around. I also made him the promise of going to a trampoline park if he behaved well. On July 25, 2012, I followed through on my promise and took Oliver to the trampoline park as Spider-man. Just like in the move 'Big Daddy,' I'm using the disguise of a super hero to get him to do things and make him happy at the same time. I highly recommend parents to do this."

Aside from the four dislikes from people who are probably miserable, the reaction on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. The top comment under the video simply said, "You, sir, are such an AWESOME dad!" and the one under that read, "Nominated for dad of the year." Other comments complimented the quality of the video, which includes the famous "Spider-Man" theme song as background music.