Instagram users will soon no longer have to resort to the camera on their phone in order to get in on the photo sharing fun.

ADR Studio, a design and communications company, has capitalized on the Instagram madness with an Instamatic-like camera.

The Instagram Socialmatic Project, as they call it, takes the concept for the popular application and makes a real camera out of it.

Since Facebook has bought Instagram for nearly a billion dollars in cash and stock, many users, bloggers, economy experts have thought Instagram could build its first real photo camera, ADR Studio says on their website.

While Socialmatic is the first Instagram photo camera, it boasts features consistent with the latest camera technology.

With 16 GB mass storage, Wifi, Bluetooth, a 4:3 touchscreen, Optical zoom and an Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real (like an old-school Polaroid), you can print out your photo or even share it directly on Facebook trough the powerful InstaOs.

Unfortunately for techies, this product is merely a concept for now.

Instagram Socialmatic is only a concept...But, maybe, it could become real, ADR says.

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