Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd., known in the mineral exploration business for its environmentally friendly EcaFlo® Anolyte, marketed under the brand name Excelyte® as an anti-bacteria additive for well fracking, joined Benchmark Performance Group, Inc., the leading developer of a wide range of additives for the oilfield industry, today to announce yet another successful fracking instance using the Excelyte® product in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale.

With Benchmark posting additional fracking slated for later this month throughout the US, they have strategically pre-empted the coming onslaught of demand by manufacturing 0.5M gallons of the wildly popular Excelyte® in direct anticipation of its consumption.

The Marcellus Shale project required 175k gallons of Excelyte®, due to the variability of water quality-required concentrations ranging from 8-25 parts per 1k gallons of water, meaning the Excelyte® represented less than 2% of the total fluid pumped into the well.

Benchmark’s production facility in Midland, Texas was responsible for the production of a large quantity of product used at the Marcellus job, with all of the logistics being handled by Benchmark Distribution Services (BDS).

The powerful anti-bacterial additive Excelyte® reduces pipe corrosion and dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) buildup by eliminating the vast majority of bacteria in the water employed during the drilling of oil and gas wells.

An EPA-registered biocide agent with a proven track record as an alternative to the dangerous and pollutive chemicals used in well fracking, Excelyte® also has a variety of other buildup and scale removing applications that are very useful and effective in a variety of well treatment and piping system treatment applications.

Chairman of IEVM’s Board of Directors, Bill Prince, was impressed by Benchmark’s continued demonstration of the potential of Excelyte® to provide a safe, environmentally friendly option to a problem that has put the entire industry under pressure.

President and CEO of Benchmark, and Vice-Chairman of IEVM’s Board of Directors, Wayne Kinsey, noted the uncanny fit of Excelyte® for the Marcellus project, stating that it was almost as if the product had been specifically engineered for the unique requirements of that application.

Kinsey pointed to the varying water quality, and the unique ability of the Excelyte® product to “provide a quick way to know how much biocide is required to address a given water quality situation”, as the sort of field application-tested results the Company has been striving for, having dedicated over 2 years to such developments.