Intelimax Media Inc. is an Internet service company whose primary purpose is to focus on advertising, online games and web content. Today, Intelimax took a major step towards enhancing their future with the addition of Craig Turner to their management team.

Craig Turner has become a renowned name on the Web during the past decade. In 2004 Turner started his career with MicroGaming Software Systems as their business development and relationship manager and then joined SportingBet PLC Americas as Casino Marketing Product Manager where he was responsible for building and creating a competitive suite of proprietary casino games. The efforts of Turner enhanced the company’s customer base and helped raise a great deal of revenue.

When asked about Craig Turner, Alex Czajkowski spoke of Turner in glowing terms and attributed the following to Turner: “The 20% annual growth in casino revenues (exceeding an average over $5 million per month), in the very competitive US market and, post UIGEA, a very challenging market, that he helped us to achieve the past three years is a reflection of his commitment, enthusiasm and drive.”

While 20% growth is an impressive feat during any juncture, one has to credit Turner for developing a scheme which not only raised revenues but did so during difficult economic times. While most businesses were failing, Turner led the way towards a huge amount of growth. With his innovation, there is no question that Turner has had his hand on the pulse of the industry.

When asked what the addition of Turner will mean to Intelimex, Charles Green who serves as the company CEO was quoted as saying, “The addition of Mr. Turner to our team allows us to focus on critical product strategies. His experience and success in the gaming industry should directly translate into success in our business. Considering the relative infancy of our market, the sector is ripe for new and innovative ideas. Mr. Turner has proven the ability to analyze online gaming business and create successful plans and strategies that have resulted in real revenue growth.”

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