Today, Intelimax Media Inc. excitedly announced the release of Intelimax “Sky” on, the company’s proprietary subscription model gaming platform. While Intelimax continues to provide free content to new and existing members, the new platform offers premium content to paying subscribers. By introducing subscription-required content, the company will generate significant, recurring revenues to supplement its advertising revenue.

Along with the subscription software’s release, the company will add several new features, including: a new poker platform, enhanced fantasy sports system, casual games platform, social network and the Gamboozle Referral Network (GRN). Intelimax’s efforts follow its close watch of the casual gaming industry. Recently, Kathy Vrabeck of Electronic Arts predicted a casual gaming industry market worth $13.5 billion by the end of 2010. Added to the lucrative poker market, and fantasy sports market, the industry has the potential to break into the $30-40 billion mark. Intelimax aims to cut into this market with its new offerings.

Charles Green, CEO of Intelimax, commented, “By completing the development of the Intelimax Sky platform and subscription model software, we are about to realize the significant revenue potential of our business. Our launch of the new model on the Gamboozle website is just the beginning of a fresh business model in an already lucrative and growing online market. When you consider the consistent growth of the Internet and continued explosive growth of gaming online, I feel we are poised to realize a significant breakthrough in revenues.”

Green continued, “Intelimax will be adding social aspects to the Gamboozle website. Due to the social nature of the game of poker, the addition of social networking features seemed obvious. Considering the success of sites like Facebook and MySpace, we are convinced that any Internet website moving forward will require features that enable the growth of a thriving community. When you combine this social model with a lucrative referral system, the power of the word of mouth becomes an invaluable marketing tool.”