Intelimax Media Inc. is an internet services company focusing on online games, web content and advertising. Using its proprietary gaming and pay-per-click listing platforms, Intelimax has released its own proprietary web properties and social network applications.

The company announced today the signing of a letter of intent with Canada Business Network Services Inc. (“CanBiz”) to represent Intelimax in southeast Asia as its market advisor and intermediary for the purpose of developing new business opportunities in that region of the globe. The first opportunity in Asia that CanBiz is helping Intelimax with will be in the Philippines.

Can Biz will assist Intelimax with introductions, networking, business development discussions and negotiations in the region. They will also pursue projects and business opportunities in the growth and management of industry specific web content, portals, media and advertising. Once specific business has been identified in the region, Intelimax will sign a binding services agreement that outlines the terms of the arrangement of services between Intelimax and CanBiz.

There should be a wealth of business opportunities for the company in the region since Southeast Asia is the largest and fastest growing internet market in the world. Southeast Asia is also home to the world’s largest social networking site, Qzone. Earlier this year, Tencent – China’s largest internet service portal – reported that Qzone had over 200 million users. As Intelimax CEO, Charles Green, said “access to this huge market will open significant business opportunities.”