Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc., a developer and marketer of wireless technology and identity systems for mobile and handheld wireless devices for various institutions, announced that it has entered a partnership and distribution agreement with a leader in financial services for Intellicheck Movilisa’s product, ID Risk CheckSM. This new partnership agreement will allow ID Risk Check to become integrated into 14,000+ retailers’ point of sale systems. ID Risk Check was created specifically to meet the necessities for fraud and loss prevention for retail applications.

Per terms of the agreement, Intellicheck Mobilisa’s patented ID-Check driver license scanning technology will be integrated and distributed as a fundamental component for ID Risk Check. The product will be available for all divisions of the financial services corporation for the use and sale in various financial risk management applications.

“Identity theft, credit card and check-cashing fraud are on the increase, and recent studies have shown that identity theft alone is up 11% over 2009,” stated Steve Williams, CEO of Intellicheck Mobilisa. “We have already implemented ID Risk Check at two Tier 1 retail companies, with much success. With the increases in identity theft and fraud, retailers are paying particular attention to emerging technologies aimed at strengthening fraud prevention. We are on the cusp of this new frontier, and ID Risk Check is aimed directly at combating these latest forms of fraud and identity theft.”

Intellicheck Mobilisa will also be a licensed distributor and integrator for an exclusive line of fraud/risk management and Velocity application tools. This extended product offering will be provided for all existing customers as well as offer a more broad product offering to appeal to new customers.

“As we move the company to this new transactional model, products like ID Risk Check will show a strong return on investment,” continued Mr. Williams. “By bundling our software with our partner’s products, we are able to offer our solutions to a wider customer audience, improving our bottom line while providing our partners increased benefits to meet their customer needs.”

With this partnership, Intellicheck Mobilisa will be offering payment processing and fraud/risk management technology to various businesses, which will be compromised of ID validation services, risk and velocity controls, ID authentication services, as well as proprietary analytical models that will aid in the detection of fraud.

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