Intelligent Living Corp. (ILVC) capitalizes on convenience and innovation. The automation and technology solutions provider recently integrated it’s know-how into a “smart” home designed on environmentally friendly standards and building practices. The home features touch screens that serve as control centers for various operations, such as security, lighting, climate control, audio systems and more.

The recently completed smart home, a 5,000-square foot smart home Vancouver, BC, in the popular Shaughnessy area, sat on the market for only three days before being sold for more than C$4 million. The technology allows for simple control of temperature, audio, lighting and security in the home, justifying the pricetag and consumer intrigue. ILVC worked with Tavan Construction to develop the home, which is equipped with the state-of-the-art HAI OMNI home automation features, such as whole-house audio systems and a high definition home theater.

“Smart” lighting switches were installed for control of lighting and security. If movement is detected, the smart light is activated. To conserve energy, if no activity is detected for a set period of time, the smart lights automatically dim or turn off, saving time, effort and money.

Environment and temperature control can also be programmed to conserve energy. The home’s HAI smart thermostats not only control the air conditioner, but the independent hot water floor heating system as well.

“Every new home should have this technology. The price of installation has dropped so much, and it’s user friendly. You can control everything on one pad. Realtors have always known that landscaping helps sell a house. Well, digital installation is just interior landscaping,” Troy van Vliet, principal of Tavan Construction, recently told the Vancouver Courier.