Intelligent Living Corp., a leading automation and technology solutions provider utilizing green building practices, and technology partner Kilia Teknoloji, a leading supplier of state-of-the-art integrated security management systems and access control systems, announced today that sales teams are selling security and energy saving automation systems in Turkey and the Middle East. Together, Kilia and ILVC are offering security and energy saving automation technology to the commercial, institutional, industrial, single and multi-unit construction and major renovation markets.

Murat Erbatur, COO of Intelligent Living. “The combined complementary engineering expertise from our respective organizations delivers an integrated energy saving automation and security solution to the growing Turkey and Middle East markets. This area of the world has become a safe haven for Middle East and Russian oil money and the rapid development of gated and secured single and multi-unit developments in western Turkey has created an immediate need for our products and services.”

He added, “We are currently working with a very high-end development project with over 50 villas in the $2 to $3 million US range, to be followed by a second phase of about 200 smaller villas. The architect responsible for the project concurred with ILVC that completion of the villas with energy saving automation and smart home features greatly enhances the project and ‘at this price-point, it is almost a necessity to have such advanced features.’”