The big buzz right now for companies is advertising online. Unlike television, online advertising is a real time streaming platform to a global market. Even though television has come a long way, computers and technology have advanced at a much faster pace. As advertising on television was the predecessor to radio ads, online marketing platforms are the predecessor to television commercials. If it weren’t for these two components evolving to the level they did though, this piece probably would have never been written.

As society evolves with technology, so do the marketing platforms. Versatility, efficiency, and speed rule most of society. We are getting used to immediate satisfaction and results. These traits are created and formed around advertising. The technology becomes more adaptable and handy to suit society needs, in turn creating a more demanding market. Mass global marketing at minimal cost is the key to building a successful and profitable company.

One way to market is advertising to specific parts within society. This is referred to as advanced behavioral targeting. Combine this with other capabilities, platforms and programs offering complete data and inventory transparencies, and the company that offers it has a chance for stardom. interCLICK is such a company.

interCLICK is geared towards helping companies reach their target market, now on an inconceivable scale. The advancements they have made has risen their preliminary second quarter revenue for the period ending on June 30, 2009. ICLK can now expect improved revenue to “bury the needle” at a staggering $10.5 million, an increase of 124% compared to the prior year period and 25% in succession. This places ICLK in a position to not only stabilize at exceeded levels but raise quarterly forecast revenue to $9.5 million.