International Aerospace Enterprises, Inc. announced that it has launched an aggressive international sales and marketing campaign designed to meet its 2009 $5 million sales projection. Mr. John Peck, IARO’s Chief Executive Officer, will be leading the effort along with a team of experienced international sales and marketing consultants.

Mr. John Peck, CEO stated, “We have targeted and mobilized our sales efforts toward U.S. ally countries who are currently flying F16 and F5 aircraft.” He went on to elaborate that “Our focused sales and marketing efforts are designed to take advantage of the current economic crisis around the world and the socio-economic tensions in the Middle East. The foundation of our program was built on the relationships formed over the past 30 years doing procurement sales of aircraft spare parts.”

He added, “My previous associates and contacts have made it possible for IARO to enter these markets with little upfront cost as we will be relying heavily on our international sales consultants who have “in country” sales support systems.”

Mr. Saffet Uslu, an exclusive international sales consultant to IARO, stated his support saying, “IARO has effectively cultivated relationships with a world wide network of manufacturers, buyers and suppliers. IARO provides significant added value to those they contract with because it operates in this industry as a researcher and broker. This knowledge-based industry is exceptionally beneficial to developing countries where technology has to be supported and upgraded over time.”

Mr. Uslu continued, “IARO has also been successful in providing ‘hard to find, obsolete military parts’ which is a niche market representing significant profit potential. Our efforts to date have put over $13 million in active bids into IARO’s sales pipeline. I believe these bids will yield significant sales in fiscal year 2009 because of the Company’s ability to provide military aircraft spare parts from its existing inventories at a competitive discounted price. My 14 years of experience in military aircraft spare parts sales has proven that bids are won primarily on cost and delivery schedule which places IARO at a competitive advantage.”