International Fuel Technology Inc. today issued an update on years of testing of DiesoLiFT 10, the company’s proprietary fuel additive formulation.

The company said it recently completed more than four years of extensive rail engine testing and field demonstration in the U.K., confirming the use of DiesoLiFT 10 provided a significant improvement in use in fuel economy and power.

Beginning in January 2006, Interfleet Technology Ltd. conducted a series of four test bed trials and one large-scale in-service field demonstration in various rail engine types and fuel types. The first four trials were test bed trials incorporated the facilities and personnel of mi Technology Group, an independent test facility in the U.K.

In each trial the additive demonstrated a positive effect by increasing power or reducing fuel consumption (or both), and by generating a consistent reduction in particulate matter emissions.

In two of the test bed trials, fuel consumption was reduced by 6.9 percent and 5.9 percent; power increases ranging between 2.0 percent to 3.5 percent occurred in three of the tests, along with a reduced boost pressure in all of the tests. In the Perkins 2006 TW-H test bed trial, DiesoLiFT 10 demonstrated a 3.5-percent increase in power output from the engine.

The company said that in the fifth test, the large-scale in-service field demonstration, DiesoLiFT 10 showed a significant reduction in fuel consumption rates when the additive was included into the fuel mix.

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