Biotechnology company International Stem Cell Corp. (OTCBB: ISCO) is recognized as the first company to successfully create a human “parthenogenetic” stem cell from unfertilized human eggs. The company today announced it is working in collaboration with tissue engineers at Cytograft Tissue Engineering to make headway in human vascular grafts.

Scientists at International Stem Cells’ subsidiary, Lifeline Cell Technology, will work with Cytrograft to develop and produce a customized cell culture to cultivate living human grafts, which is anticipated to be an advancement over previously used materials.

Todd McAllister Ph.D., CEO of Cytograft, “The team at Lifeline Cell Technologies is uniquely qualified to develop and design custom media formulations for our application. They clearly have one of the best scientific teams in the field, and, importantly, have a service based business model that has been flexible and responsive to our specific requirements.”

Jeffrey Janus, CEO of Lifeline Cell Technology seems equally impressed with Cytrografts technologies and position in the advances of vascular grafts.

Cytograft’s current technology is called Lifeline. According to the press release, the technology has several applications, including: as a coronary graft for coronary bypass procedures; as a peripheral graft to prevent lower limb amputations; and as a living tissue shunt for hemodialysis patients.

“It is an honor that Cytograft chose Lifeline Cell Technology’s team to develop their medium. Their process of growing human vascular grafts promises to be a vast improvement over synthetic materials. Since the grafts are grown using the patient’s own cells, they will minimize the chance of immune rejection, infection and disease transmission,” Janus stated.