Today, International Stem Cell Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary, Lifeline Skin Care, announced that it will employ the services of Raulee Marcus, skincare expert, to help design a marketing program for its newly created line of skin care products. The new line is based on ISCO’s proprietary Parthenogenic Stem Cells.

Ms. Marcus has an extensive background in skin care products, having been a key corporate executive with responsibilities for marketing, R&D and sales at companies such as Neutrogena, Colgate-Palmolive and Gillette. In his tenure, he was responsible for multi-million dollar increases in revenue. She has also had a highly successful career in launching new brands and products through many different channels.

Dr. Ruslan Semechkine, President of Lifeline Skin Care, commented, “Ms. Marcus is uniquely qualified to help us develop a product strategy that will have maximum market impact for what is truly a unique technology.”

Kenneth Alrich, Chairman of ISCO, added, “Ms. Marcus’ experience in the skin care industry and as a consultant to companies in that industry will greatly enhance our ability to develop a successful marketing and business strategy without distracting from our core focus on developing therapeutic products from Parthenogenic Stem Cells.”

Dr. Semechkine, continued, “Early indications are that the skin care product, developed through the efforts of the ISCO scientists who created Parthenogenic Stem Cells, has unique characteristics for skin rejuvenation. Our next step is to validate these findings through independent testing and execute our product launch.”