International Stem Cell Corp., a biotechnology company focused on therapeutic and research products, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care Inc. (LSC) has completed its evaluation of the trial launch of its new stem-cell skin care product line and will now move forward with its general marketing program.

Lifeline Skin Care products contain parthenogenetic stem-cell extract, which were developed by the ISCO research team and recognizable cosmetic chemists. The products are designed to prevent and repair damaged skin with advanced technology. The company said sales have surpassed expectations and that it will now move forward with distribution near the end of March.

“Sales to date have greatly exceeded our expectations for the trial launch. These initial sales resulted from a very limited product offering made to subscribers of only one of the several newsletters of our marketing partner, John Mauldin, plus a small direct mailing to interested parties and ISCO’s shareholders who had signed up for general corporate information through the ISCO website,” Dr. Ruslan Semechkin, CEO of Lifeline Skin Care stated in the press release.

The distribution phase will consist initially of a customer solicitation conducted by Mauldin’s specialty Internet and direct response marketing efforts.

“We almost never endorse or sell a retail product,” Mauldin stated. “But the results of both our informal testing and the company’s formal studies have convinced us that the Lifeline Skin Care products really are a game-changing advance in skin care. I have not seen such a strong response in online marketing in the last ten years. We are all very excited and proud to be involved.”

Kenneth Aldrich, chairman of ISCO, cautioned investors on making trading decisions based on today’s news alone.

“We are incredibly excited by the prospects of this new product from our Lifeline Skin Care subsidiary,” Aldrich stated. “Selling over 7,000 bottles through a very limited trial launch, as we have done, represents a significant first step, but it would be imprudent for us to base projections of future sales or profits on a sample base of this size.”

ISCO noted that under its current revenue recognition policy, a large portion of the fourth-quarter 2010 sales will not be included as revenue in the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2010.

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