When Wendi Deng Murdoch defended her husband Rupert Murdoch from a rebel pie attacker calling himself Jonnie Marbles on Tuesday, she instantly became an Internet legend.

The event happened during a televised meeting of parliament's Home Affairs Committee. The News Corp. chairman and his son James Murdoch were being questioned by MPs when Marbles, whose real name is Jonathan May-Bowles, went after Murdoch with a shaving cream pie. Immediately, Deng Murdoch blocked most of the frothy pie and then hit May-Bowles with a series of punches.

Both Wendi Deng and Jonnie Marbles were trending topics on Twitter for most of the day Wednesday.

A fake twitter account for Deng Murdoch has already made close to 100 tweets as of Wednesday morning. The Wendi Ninja Murdoch profile (@WendiMurdoch) says I like to karate chop hippies. You have a pie, I have fists of steel. Most of her tweets are related to punching things. For example:

I really wanna go on Cupcake Wars.Sounds awesome. #judochop #fistsbeatcupcakes

 Worst sparring partner you can imagine ------> @JonnieMarbles

@keitholbermann You're next.

All those hours playing Punchout finally paid off. #nintendo #karatecop #tcot

A YouTube video of the attack went online moments after it occurred, but the animated .gifs took a little longer to appear. Both Deng Slap and Denging loop video footage of the pieing.

Non-Murdoch owned magazines Vanity Fair and The New Yorker have both thrown their shaving cream plates into the proverbial ring. Vanity Fair has made a mock New York Post cover, lampooning the News Corp. daily, while The New Yorker had a list of nine questions they want to ask Murdoch and his son after the committee questioning.

Why are N.O.T.W. employees responsible for things that happened years ago that they were not involved in, but you're not? the magazine asked.

Mr. Murdoch, Jr., what the *%&! are 'thresholds of materiality'?

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