Each year, more companies are investing in E-Commerce due to its proven viability as a revenue generator. The growth of E-Commerce and its continued profitability have also led to expansion of the Internet marketing industry. There are several parallels between online marketing and E-Commerce that go beyond merely their increasing success. In fact, the two are very closely related and largely rely on each other for growth.

While many retailers have increased their revenues in recent years by creating online stores, the traffic to those storefronts is typically generated by online marketing strategies. Although many larger retailers are able to attract traffic through brand recognition and advertising, smaller brands have managed to build their identity online through the use of SEO, social media and other Internet marketing techniques.

The results provided by search engine and social media optimization campaigns have been very obvious for some companies that were previously unable to gain traction in the competitive online market. Internet marketing campaigns are more prevalent than ever and spending on such campaigns is anticipated to be higher in 2012 than previous years. With increased profits, there is also expected to be increased competition in both E-Commerce and online marketing.

This lucrative and competitive environment is more than ideal for companies looking to enhance their presence and maximize their viability. Moving forward, online marketing and E-Commerce are very likely to solidify their place as cornerstones of the Internet's infrastructure.