Remember "planking," "owling" and those other short lived Internet fads? Well there's a new craze in town but this one's a little more messy. It's called "milking."

Milking is as simple as it sounds. The same way users would post photos of themselves in plank and owl positions, the new fad involved pouring milk over oneself in public places. And videotaping or photographing it, naturally.

The new trend is popular in the United Kingdom, where a group of students from Newcastle uploaded a video of themselves milking Monday. Since, it has surpassed 244,000 views.

"We were just in our kitchen talking about doing it outside Starbucks in Jesmond and thought it would be really funny," Tom Morris, the 22-year-old creator of the video, told The Daily Mail "We did that, uploaded the video to Facebook and got a load of likes. So then we thought 'why not just make a video?'"

And the trend is catching on according to The Daily Mail, which reported that students throughout Edinburgh, Nottingham, Cirencester and even at the prestigious Oxford University have been filming their versions of the milking trend.

The trend has brought about some criticism from viewers who believe the stunt is a waste of milk. But according to another "milker" named George Hoyland, the team did not mean to offend despite having made a real mess.

"The smell of sour milk is present all over our house, and the laundry pile is high!" he said.