Easter is Sunday, and to celebrate we hopped around with the man in charge -- The Easter Bunny. He took time from his busy schedule to answer a couple of questions.

What is your favorite hiding spot for eggs?

I really enjoy hiding eggs in shoes of every color and hue. Work boots, Ugg boots, small boots, tall boots. Red shoes, green shoes, blue shoes, my nephew's shoes. Old shoes, new shoes, even pee-eww shoes.

What toothpaste do you use?

Car-est, Carrot & Hammer, Carrotfresh, Carrotgate. Whatever's on sale.

What is your favorite music for your huge ears?

Hip-hop! I like to hip-hop to the hippity of the pop until my ears both flop and I want to drop.

Do you like Peeps?

Colorful Peeps are fun to eat when you place them in heat. Yellow Peeps make me mellow so I eat them with a fellow. Pink Peeps are fun to eat when you have them with a mink. Blue Peeps thrown in glue makes me go a little cuckoo.

Which famous rabbit do you look up to?

Bugs Bunny is so nice, sometimes we play a game of dice. He likes to hang out with mice, and drink beverages with lots of ice. He is very precise when measuring rice, and you never have to ask him something more than twice.

Do you make your own Easter baskets?

I don't make my own basket -- please don't blow a gasket!

Do you enjoy people eating chocolate bunnies or is that offensive?

Watching someone eat a chocolate bunny can be pretty funny. A bunny is delicious in your tummy; sometimes I even eat them with honey! The best part of a chocolate bunny is that they don't cost a lot of money.

Happy Easter!