Hello PipHutters!

This email is only going out to subscribers of I am very proud and very, very excited to introduce CandlePro which will fully launch on Thursday, August 5th!

Why make a full-fledged Candlestick Service? Because it is needed. Everyone knows how powerful candlesticks are but the big questions are always: how do I know which candlestick to trade? Where to put my SL and TP levels? When do I need further confirmation? Etc Etc. Like every other indicator and system out there retail trades are just rolling the dice on candlesticks as you don't have the historical data to make SMART trades.

I've said this before but it really is true: CandlePro is like having a team of analysts working for you, giving you a full performance report and pro advice on every candlestick signal :).

Some of its features include:

Auto Candle Pattern Detection – CP scans EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY pairs on the 15m,30m,60m,4h and Daily GMT timeframes so you can spend more time trading and less time analyzing.

Forecast Strength – no more guesswork about whether that shooting star is significant! Gain confidence in the candlesticks and your trades

Performance Reports – the real power of CP… view detailed reports for any candlestick, any pair, any timeframe. See a shooting star on the 60m charts? Look it up its performance report and see the average reward/risk, max profit, drawdown, recommended TP and SL levels, and a whole lot more

Max Recommended TP – Quit leaving profits on the table! For those traders looking for a little more direction CP will analyze all the past signals and recommend a maximum take-profit.

Min Recommended SL – Quit getting stopped out on good trades! Similar to above, CP will analyze all the past signals and recommend a minimum stop-loss level for your trades.

and a whole lot more...

This post will serve as the FAQ for the service. Post any questions below and I will answer them before Thursday (launch date!).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up??

A: Launch will be Thursday, August 5th. There will be 2 enrollment sessions: European session from 6a GMT – 9a GMT (1a EST -4a EST) and a US Session from 2p GMT – 5p GMT (9a EST – 12p EST). After that I don't know when the next enrollment session will be and only 100 seats will be available Thursday. I am going to be focused on giving the most attention and best service to the CandlePro customers until I feel we are ready to open enrollment back up.

I will make seats available for each enrollment session but I can tell you this: there are already well over 100 people (PipHut has 10k followers) that have expressed intention to sign up so it is best to get there early!

I will update the launch page on Thursday with the ability to accept all major credit cards via Paypal (no account required). For now, enter your email address in the form below when any new details come out:

Q: What is CandlePro?
A: Did you go to the launch page yet??? CandlePro is an awesome tool that aims to give you 5-10 HIGH PROBABILITY SETUPS EACH DAY.  I recommend you watch the trade example videos on the launch page to really get a feel for what CandlePro does and does not do.

Q: Where can I view the product demo, pricing, etc?
A: All product info, pricing, signup details, and VIDEOS OF TRADE EXAMPLES can be found here:

Q: Is there a special PipHutter's Discount ?
A: Of course! There are two special treats for PipHutters: 1) these first enrollment sessions are just for you all. 2) $30 USD off the regular price for as long as you are a CandlePro user! That's a savings of $360 USD per year.

Q: Is there a trial of it I can use?
A: Yes and yes. Many of you in your emails suggested a 7-day or even a 3-day trial to be able to kick the tires of any product. So I decided to multiply those together and give you a risk-free 30-day trial to CandlePro. If for any reason you are not a total satisfied then we will give you a full-refund, no questions asked. Also of course many of you have been using the free version of candlestick alerts for over a year now - in fact some of you trade nothing else!

Q: What is the difference between this and premium?
A: CandlePro focuses on signals generated from candlesticks, and gives you the information to intelligently trade candlesticks. I recommend you watch the trade example videos on the launch page to really get a feel for what CandlePro does and does not do.

Q: Why not launch Premium and CandlePro together?
A: This is NOT the full premium service. Given the extremely positive response I got to the candlestick service tour I posted a couple weeks ago I decided it made the most sense to launch them as two different products. It then made sense to launch one product at a time so I decided to launch this one first.

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